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How do you actually “Stay Positive”

“Just stay positive” can be poor advice. It’s usually very well meaning, and coming from a place of a caring heart. It also sometimes can be all we need to bring on a fresh perspective, but more often it’s not helpful in the moments where we cant see any positivity at all.  The best way …

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Are you set on auto NOPE?

In order to “unpack” my treadmill I need to pull one lock lever to unfold it and then plug it in. It took me one month plus one week to do this. In the beginning I genuinely did not have the time, but somewhere between then and now I continued to hold on to that …

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5 Ways to get “Me Time” When you’re NOT alone

I remember this being a huge struggle during my mat leave. When you are home with your children all day you hardly ever get a break. From the moment they wake up until they go to sleep you are feeding them, playing with them, teaching them, getting active with them, bathing them, cleaning up after …

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