Mendara Lynn Life Coach Ottawa
Mendara Lynn – Certified Life Coach Ottawa

Mendara Lynn – Life Coach

Born and raised in Nova Scotia; I am a mother of two toddlers and am currently living in Ottawa Ontario. I have a passion for learning, fitness, reading, yoga, science, the outdoors and motherhood. I love to work towards fulfilling each of those passions everyday of my life.

I believe that continuous learning and personal growth is key to a fulfilled life. I put that belief into action and practice DAILY through my own personal development and life work. I am passionate about growth, transformation and balance and have combined that with my training to develop programs geared towards supporting women through their own journeys. Life Coaching has opened my eyes to the importance of living a life full of purpose. I make it a regular priority to create that space for myself and my children to grow both inside and out, each and every day.

I first discovered the world Life Coaching through a Mind Rebel workshop designed around “having it all” and living a balanced life. Balancing your relationship, work, kids, personal care and pursuits, friends, responsibilities, everything in life without sacrificing yourself. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. At the time the ONLY thing I felt I had under control was my babies. After leaving that first workshop and having a peek inside what the Mind Rebel Method was all about; I knew I had to have more.

I had already perused my passion for growth through traditional University education and continued learning, but now it was time to focus on growth within and expand my horizons on what it Personal Development really meant.

I dove head Certified Life Coach and I am so excited to be bringing all of the passion, dedication and mind blowing tools and methods I’ve learned through the Mind Rebel Academy into my own programs with you.

I was READY to not only find myself again, but become the next best version of myself and live my life with true purpose and not just routine. I’ve rediscovered old passions and turned my daydreams into reality and I am here to help you do the same.

If you want to talk more about how Life Coaching would work for you, set up a Free Call and let’s chat about it.

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