Balance In Motherhood

This BRAND NEW program is ALL about finding that perfect balance in your life. Shifting your mindset and re-prioritizing what really matters most to you. Discovering your inner passions and biggest dreams.  Finding where you need to take action and start making real moves forward in your life and realizing what no longer serves you and letting it go. If you’re seeking a major change in your life and FEEL balanced on the inside, this program is designed to give you the tools, the mindset and the steps to truly transform and get you there.

30 Day Intensive

This 30 Day Intensive will focus on shifting you out of a fixed mindset and into a GROWTH mindset. We will focus on balancing your wheel life to find fulfillment in each key area to you. We will work on identifying limiting beliefs and recognizing our rebel minds. Then move to shifting those beliefs to align with our most authentic self and creating your vision and next best steps.

You will get Four 1.5 hour long one on one coaching sessions with me, a 30 day intensive workbook and unlimited* support access through Voxer.

Eight Week Intensive

This one on one coaching package offers you exclusive and intensive personal life coaching.

The Eight week program uses the Mind Rebel Method and guides you through "Mastering Your Inner World"

This program will give you the clarity and and confidence to truly own who you are at your most authentic self.


Sixteen Week Intensive

This one on one coaching package offers you exclusive and intensive personal life coaching and takes you through the entire Mind Rebel Program offered in the Eight Week Intensive package. Followed by 8 additional weeks of "Mastering your Outer World"

This self discovery model will give you the tools you need to unapologetically step into your greatness and create a life you truly desire.

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You can read more and find the outline for the full 16 week program by clicking here

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